About us

Our team has been developing mobile applications and web portals for over 10 years


Few facts about Alphyn Apps

Distant work

Almost from the very beginning, many team members work remotely from different cities and countries. The core team have not unchanged all these years.

IT is our passion

We do IT not because it's fashionable, but because it's what we love. As our technical director Sergy says, "programming allows to create new worlds."

Approach to work

We are happy to take on non-standard projects. we use the latest technological innovations, do the work on time and within the agreed budget.

Customer relations

We do not run many projects at the same time, so each customer is the most important one for us. We can pay our attention and work through all details

Olga Zavadska

If you have started working with Alphyn Apps, then you have probably already talked to Olga, the director and leader of our team. She often communicates with customers herself, directly participates in the discussion of the product, its promotion and monetization.

Education in the field of business management organization, 8 years of work as a brand manager and head of marketing for IT companies allow her to give valuable advices.

Since 2012, Olga has also specialized in project management and planning. She is the main ideologue of our own product - the WinGo Plan planner.

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Sergy Polkovnikov

Sergy started programming (C++, C#) in 1998, from the very inception of the IT field. He was one of the first in the region, who received the MCSD certification, Microsoft's highest certification for developers.

The first program he wrote was a mine robot’s control system. Then there was participation in the development of a geophysical system (used in projects with Shell and Amoco), many internal corporate and successful commercial products, with several filed and approved patents.

Since 2012, Sergy has been closely involved in mobile and web development. Creates by himselves and manages development of projects in Python, Swift/Objective C, Kotlin/Java.

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Very few things can compare with the feeling when you first see your mobile application published in the store and receive the first user feedback.

Let's create something great together!