Some of the applications and sites that we are developing, updating and maintaining.

WinGo Plan

Planner for managing work projects and achieving personal goals. It visualizes your goals, tracks progress, adds emotion and motivation.


Online education service for children with different types of exercises, workouts, reward system and reports for parents. iOS and Android applications work online and offline, and the number of exercises is constantly increasing. New exercises appear in applications automatically after being added to the site.

EasyTax Qazaqstan

Financial portal for automated tax calculation for Kazakhstanis stock traders around the world. You can upload broker's reports to the service and receive a tax calculation and a completed declaration form. The calculation methodology was developed jointly with specialists from the Big 4 (Big Four Auditors) and brokerage companies.

Ilona Lunden - application for women

The application has a diverse set of functions necessary for women: a hormonal calendar with recommendations for every day, a calorie and water counter, weight and volume charts, a pregnancy calendar, a pedometer and much more.

The application was developed for Ilona Lunden, the founder of her own brand of organic cosmeceuticals. It also has an integrated online store.

World of Little Thinkers

An Internet portal for parents, which also includes a service for exchanging places in kindergartens. Users can place offers, indicating from where to where they want to transfer the child, and the service will select exchange options. Exchanges can be complex. Sometimes there can be 3 or 4 participants in the chain so that the child gets into the right kindergarten.

Every day regressions

Mobile application for regression psychologist Valeria Ershova. In the application, you can listen to regressions (affirmations) without access to the Internet and with the phone screen turned off. The app also syncs with the Get Course - the online course system - to keep purchases in sync across both platforms.

Just Buy!

Shopping list with calculator and spendings’ statistics. This is our first own (developed for ourselves, not for customers) mobile application, and therefore it is especially dear to us. The app was released in 2012, and in 2012-14 we changed the design and added some functionality. Since then, the application lives and works almost without modifications.


Mobile application for students, applicants, graduates and teachers. Each user group sees information that is relevant specifically for it, for example: students see the schedule of their group, and teachers see the schedule of their lectures indicating the groups in which they take place.